The Magical Shambles

So a trip to the famous Shambles in York, little did we know the excitement this would generate, and in fact finally inspire the boys in the family to read Harry Potter. As we rounded the corner we were met with the quaint sight of The Shambles, and 3 very busy Harry Potter shops!

The Shambles has previously been voted The Most Picturesque Street in Britain, and you can see why. It has an almost magical feel to it and you feel transported back in time with the overhanging timber buildings and cobbled streets.

The cobbles are obviously quite tricky to negotiate if you have mobility problems and were also quite wet on our first visit; but you can’t really expect too much from a medieval street dating back to the 14th Century! There are also small steps into most shops so lots of help needed getting in and out. It may be more challenging negotiating the cobbles or pavements with a wheelchair or MM.

A wonderful place to visit and be magically inspired.

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