The Chronicles of Ghostly York


So a fantastic family trip to York, loads of fun things for all ages, and if you’re lucky you might be inspired to try something new and be transported out of the world of Muggles.

Although York is a mixture of medieval, Georgian and Victorian Streets, mixed in with Viking culture and on this visit a good dose of 21st Century April flooding; it is surprisingly accessible for disabled visitors. The local council websiteĀ  has links to the ‘disabled go’ pages, and has all the information you need on blue badge parking, accessibility guides, Changing Places facilities, and much more. All the attractions we visited have excellent accessibility guides and really friendly staff.

Once you and your sat-nav have grasped the one-way system and avoided the flooded riverside streets, you will become an old hand at finding places suitable for parking and visiting the attractions. If staying outside York you can use Park and Ride.

We would definitely recommend York for families with young children, and equally for families who have to think outside the box a little bit more.

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