Sweet and Treats – Spavens Mold


We were lucky enough to go to a birthday party at Spavens in Mold recently and not just because we could secretly eat our body weight in cola bottles and white mice. Having been to parties in the past we knew that they always have lots of crafty and sweet- choosing fun, and come home with lots of delicious treats.

On this occasion I was having to think about things differently! I knew the stairs down to the fairy-themed basement might be a problem, and a wobbly balance problem might not fare well with the breakables…

I needn’t have worried, the staff at Spavens were brilliant. They quickly spotted we would need a bit of extra help, particularly with the stairs, and were kind enough to offer to look after Emily during the party, including helping her up and down the stairs 2 or 3 times. It meant a rare thing happened at a party – Mum and Dad got to sit down!

Thank you Spavens for your help and understanding, making sure Emily had a wonderful time, and making sure the whole party was accessible for her.

There is a car park with free disabled spaces a few doors down from Spavens on King Street, and it is a level walk from the car park into the main floor of Spavens.  The main floor of the shop is level although care is needed around the displays! There are 2 access points down to the basement with handrails. 


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