Fab but hilly! Center Parcs Woburn Forest

Just a mini review this time following our recent trip to Center Parcs Woburn Forest. I wasn’t planning to write a review as there are plenty to be found online, but having visited I wanted to mention a couple of accessibility-related tips! Owing to a comedy of errors including a forgotten camera battery, a cracked (and continuing to slowly crack) phone screen and a wildfire stomach bug we have almost no photos…This is 1 of only 2 which contain real life people.

We have visited Center Parcs Sherwood Forest a couple of times in the past and found it really accessible (and flat!) There is accessibility information available online for Woburn Forest. The one part of it that seemed to pass us by was the hilly nature of the site! It wouldn’t necessarily put us off a return visit, but a flat site is a lot easier when taking mobility into consideration.

We stayed in a lovely 3 bedroomed Woodland Lodge which had great level access and was very spacious inside.

We didn’t choose to stay in an adapted lodge but the en-suite shower was really spacious.

The only step was from the patio doors out to the barbecue and seating area. In retrospect it would have been a good idea to request an area at the back which was flat, the wooded area behind the lodge would be fab for children to explore but not ideal when a wobbly 7 year is attempting to scramble up unaided…

The main thing I wanted to mention for those who need accessibility tips is the hilly nature of the site! We were at the top of a 10% gradient hill which recommended cyclists dismount on the way down, so you can imagine how unlikely it was that the unfit adults could cycle back up again! Quite embarrassing when small children and pensioners were overtaking but moving on…

Emily isn’t able to ride a bike yet so we use a trailer when out and about. It was pretty impossible to pull that up the steep hill!

There is a shuttle bus service for guests with mobility difficulties which can transport you around the village, and has wheelchair access. We used this one evening as there was no way Emily could manage the walk back, particularly up the hill!

I had a chat with guest services about the location of the adapted lodges, although I think if we were to return to Woburn it would actually be more important to get a good (level) location near the Village Square. The lady in guest services recommended contacting Head Office when booking to ensure your lodge meets your needs.

We are big fans of Center Parcs but hadn’t last visited since Emily was 1 so hadn’t thought about the actual physical layout of the site. We loved our trip and it’s a great place to visit, but if you have accessibility needs make sure you are placed somewhere level!

And of course who needs a £250m Center Parcs site to explore when the Parc Market has mini trolleys?….

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