Doggy Tails in Wales (and beyond)

So not exactly a blog post but I thought we should introduce the new member of the family. Not content with already having to carry out lengthy searches for holidays that meet our family’s needs, we thought we’d make it that bit more interesting (difficult) by including an extra factor – pet friendly!

Meet Rosie, our 14 week old border collie pup. She seems to be fitting in pretty well round here, being a tiny bit loopy seems to help.

After 5 years of resolutely answering ‘No’ to pleading requests for a dog, and ‘A Dog‘ being at the top of every birthday and Christmas list during that period, I finally caved last week. I’m in denial about the smell, moulting, toileting issues and exercise demands; and instead will just avoid inviting anyone around ever again, and enjoy the fun she is bringing to this madhouse.

We hope to be adding some reviews or blogs on places which are dog friendly but also really accessible. Luckily we live near lots of beautiful beaches, mountains and countryside, so a pretty good selection.

I’m pretty sure there will be some challenging moments (such as managing a car-sick puppy and trying to fit her and a Maclaren Major in the boot) but hopefully a few giggles too. Maybe it will encourage (force) us to become a more outdoorsy family. Watch this (doggy filled) space…

She doesn’t look too happy on this one, but she’s actually sniffing the grass in search of the next fabulous twig to chew.

Still working on lead control.

A new football/cricket/basketball pal.

2 thoughts on “Doggy Tails in Wales (and beyond)”

  1. She looks so cute and has obviously settled in well with the family. Good luck, remember plenty of poo bags 😂

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