A Bouncing Bumblebee

Just a short post but wanted to share some photos of a new adventure Emily persuaded us to let her have yesterday, and to encourage you to get your little one to have a go no matter what their level of ability (and your level of courage in letting them go for it!!!).

If you have a fearless, risk-seeking, wobbly 6 year old life can certainly be tiring some days; so at Cheshire Oaks yesterday it was lovely to let Emily channel her inner adrenaline-junkie into having a go on the Bungee Trampolining.

We were a little wary, obviously balance/mobility difficulties may not interact well with a trampoline/bungee rope combination which ensures you go as high as possible. From a sensory point of view we were unsure how Emily would like the harness, and if she’d remember to hold on to the ropes.

Emily was hopping up and down with excitement so we thought we should put our own doubts to one side and go for it……..eek.

The guy working on the Bungee Trampoline was great and couldn’t have been more understanding. We had to lift Emily onto the trampoline as she couldn’t use the ladder, and help her to keep steady while the harness went on. All good so far.

Suffice to say it went way better than we could have hoped, and is proof that you should never put limits on yours or anyone else’s life, and should always just ‘go for it’ if a new adventure presents itself. People will show kindness and understanding when you may not expect them to, and do everything they can to make sure this adventure is as exciting as possible!

Despite our initial reservations, the bungee trampoline was actually way better than a ‘normal’ trampoline, as there was no way Emily could lose her balance or have to bounce sitting down. This way she had all the fun but without any risk of falling!

Emily loved it, the guy trialled different heights with the ropes until we found just the right height for her to be able to gently bounce (good physio – need to work on bending knees when landing!). He then lifted her quite high (heart in mouth moment) into the air and lowered it up and down a few times, so she really got to experience the sensation of jumping up and down.

A bouncing success (please point me to the nearest store where we can purchase one for our garden…..).

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