About us!

A scientific myth exists which states that aerodynamically a bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. The bumblebees don’t know this, and so they fly…..

Welcome to theflyingbumblebee.com, a blog about family life with a difference! Our unexpected journey as a family who happen to have a child with a disability has led us down a path of discovery looking at life through a different lens; whilst also trying to have lots of fun and make happy memories.

We post about places we visit or holidays we go on, letting you know how accessible and more importantly how enjoyable they are for all 4 of us. Accessibility guides are often of a high standard, but sometimes it’s helpful to hear how this works in reality, when accompanied by livewires.

We only include reviews of days out or holidays that have been both accessible and enjoyable,  and we pop in essential tips and information if you are also on the journey of thinking about steps, ramps, car parks, stair gates, lifts and other such essentials! Although this is more specific to our needs, this info may also help if you are negotiating the world with small people and a pushchair.

For us living with CDG-Type 2 ( a rare metabolic disorder) means having to think about the accessibility of anywhere we go, and taking into account mobility/balance difficulties, and learning difficulties. We also have the added challenge of an 8 year old escaper with no sense of danger, who happens to have a real sense of adventure!

Our 12 year old will provide technical wizardry and his viewpoint on things, and our 8 year old will let us know (loudly) just how much fun she is having.